Well Hi There!

There is something about stepping into your 20s that feels like you’ve turned the page into an exciting new chapter, one where all the pages are a clean slate. At least that’s how it felt for me. So far being 20 has felt like I’m stepping into my future and real life. The rush of endless opportunities has me in awe and daydreaming about what next step I should take. In some ways my 20s have given me (no pun intended) 20/20 vision for my life, my desires, dreams and goals. For the sake of keeping things cliche and cheesy we’ll call it Heather 2.0.

It’s been no secret that I have been in somewhat of a writing hiatus since the beginning of spring. For the past handful of months I’ve stared blankly at my 11 inch laptop screen, watched my cursor blink with anticipation hoping the words would just start typing themselves. Yet the words never came, I would sigh with frustration and close my laptop and hope that some other day the words would come back.

Thankfully, here I am, filled with so many fresh ideas and renewed breath of life, excited about the future.

These past months I have had time to reflect on what the heart and mission behind this website is. That heart and mission is to build up a strong community of women. I want these posts to reflect you and your own personal journey in life. Whether you are navigating a new career, walking through a relationship, figuring out how to host your girlfriends for Saturday brunch, or growing deeper and closer with your heavenly father, this platform is meant to help you with helpful insight and walk with you.

We’re going to laugh, cry and talk about those hard things and grow as we walk together. In order to do that, there will be a lot of changes coming, not only to this website but to the overall brand of what I’m envisioning. So welcome back to not only me but to you reading this right now.

I’ll be sharing more soon. Until then, go drink some coffee and have the best day ever!

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