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Ever since my sophomore year of high school taking care of my health has been important to me. Whether we are talking my physical, emotional, or spiritual health, just like anybody, when I’m intentional on being healthy I can notice a measurable difference in my mood, motivation and mindset. For this post I want to share with y’all my go-to meals, workouts and overall personal routine that keeps me in shape in all areas. Plus, I will be sharing my favorite workout outfit that I’ll be wearing all month, and reasons why. So here we go!


What I’m putting in my body

Water: Who would have thought that drinking a ton of water not only would make you feel better, but would also clear up your skin?! I’m not naturally the best at drinking enough water in the day, but my trick is having a good water bottle I can use everyday. As cheesy as it sounds, having a water bottle that will keep my water ice cold all day, naturally makes me want to drink water more.

Vitamins & Supplements: This is really important to me because I naturally don’t get enough iron, which more often than not leaves me waking up with random bruises the next morning. So taking iron and vitamins like D, C, b12, and fish oil keep me feeling good and healthy! I also love putting a scoop of collagen powder in my cup of coffee in the morning! You can’t taste it, and it helps with having healthy skin, hair and nails.

Healthy Fats: Believe it or not, having fats in your diet can actually be good for you! Things like avocados, peanut butter, eggs and almonds are all good fats for you. All of these foods are regularly in my diet, from making avocado toast with an egg on top, snacking on almonds or pairing some apple slices with peanut butter.

What I try to keep to a minimum:

Carbs: Y’all, if I could live on carbs alone I would, but we all know how that would end up. Carbs are something I don’t think I could cut out completely, but I like to make sure I’m keeping it balanced. What I like to keep in mind is that we should have a high carb intake first thing in the morning, and then it should get progressively lower throughout the day.

Dairy: This one may or may not be more of a struggle for me than the carbs. Mainly due to the fact that I inhale 3-4 lattes a day. (Yes, I know. Please leave all judgement at the door, I’m a college student!) For me personally not only does too much dairy make me bloated, but I’ve also noticed that when I have an excess amount of it, I get tiny little breakouts on my cheeks. So I try to only have dairy, when I absolutely have too. Plus oat milk and coconut milk are AMAZING replacements for regular milk, and they don’t make you feel bloated! (Can I get an amen?)

Sugars: Surprisingly I don’t have a crazy sweet tooth. Most of the time desserts are an afterthought for me. But when I do get a sudden urge for something sweet I try to make it as healthy + sweet as possible. We all know that if I go ham crazy on the sugars, I’ll wake up with a brand new breakout to say good morning. Some of my favorite “healthy,” desserts are Trader Joe’s boxes of dark chocolate covered strawberry slices, and banana slices. I can easily tackle one of those boxes in one sitting. I also love to buy a pint of vanilla Greek yogurt and throughout the week get a scoop of that and top it with fresh fruit and organic honey. It is SO good and taste like a normal sundae!

Staying Emotionally + Spiritually Healthy:

Quiet Time: This is hands down the most important thing for me when it comes to staying healthy spiritually. Taking 30 minutes to an hour each day, to spend with the Lord will completely change the who trajectory of my mood and mindset. Sometimes it looks like waking up early to make a cup of coffee and read my devotional and Bible, sometimes it’s my car ride to school listening to worship music and spending time talking with God. Or, sometimes it’s later in the day when I’m done with all of my things, and I can go sit in a coffee shop and listen to some worship music and read my Bible. No matter what it is, I always try to go on a date with Jesus each day.

Journaling & Reading: Obviously I love to read and write, so taking myself to sit somewhere and just read a book for fun, or write about whatever I want is one of the most refreshing and thereputic activities for my heart and mind. It helps me detox and just get to a place where I can sort out all of my thoughts and emotions in a way that is healthy.

Staying Creative: I have always been a creative person. I love DIY’s, baking, making mood boards, writing new music, sketching, painting, all of those things. When I don’t take time each week to do something creative, I begin to feel emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically drained. Sometimes I don’t even do creative things to show others. I do it just for my own joy. This is my way of “charging” and “rejuvenating,” so that I can continue to pour with a full heart into the things and people around me.

Spending Time with People: Shocker, I’m a people person. Who would of guessed it! Don’t get me wrong I’m all about having alone time, it’s important for everyone to be okay with just hanging out with themselves. But once that’s done, I love to be with people who I love and can do anything or nothing with. Having a good group of friends is so important, and keeps you going on those tough days.

The Music I Listen to: I am very cautious with what I listen to. Since I’m a music oriented person, music can drastically switch my mood with a blink of an eye. I know that if I listen to hard core rap for too long, I’m going to become easily aggravated, or if I listen to sad songs for too long I’m going to end up being sad for no reason at all. Staying on top of what I’m allowing into my spirit is key. What I allow in, is what I will pour out.

My Workouts:

Cardio: I am a short person who isn’t looking to become the next body builder, so cardio is my bff. High intensity, non-stop fat burning = music to my ears. Whether it’s running on the treadmill, or taking a spin class. I like to incorporate cardio as much as I can into my schedule.

Warrior Sculpt: This is a class I take every week and it is crazy good. A combination of hot yoga, cardio and weight lifting–AKA the fastest way to get toned for spring and summer. Like I said before, I personally don’t want to be crazy bulked up, but I definitely want to be toned and fit. This class is the perfect combination of workouts for me to reach my goals physically.

There you have it! My health guide physically and mentally/spiritually, plus this SUPER CUTE two piece set from Victoria Secret’s PINK that you see in the pictures! Y’all I am such a shorty, and it is always near to impossible for me to find leggings that aren’t too long on my stubby little legs. The PINK collection not only fit great length-wise, but they are also crazy comfortable, and have a matching sports bra. I mean…come on! Plus, the sports bras were on sale so you could get two bras for the price of one! I’ll link some that are super similar and just as great down below, and I’ll also put the links to the exact ones! (I’m wearing a size S in both the bra and the leggings)

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Until next time!

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