How to Make Your Gifts Pop This Christmas

If wrapping gifts was a love language I have come to the conclusion that it would be one of mine. To me, the way you wrap a gift is just as important as the gift itself. 

I have always been someone who sees and appreciates the little details in life, so it is no surprise that even when it comes to gift wrapping, I like to take a few extra steps to make a present shine underneath the tree. 

Here’s what you’ll need in order to make your gifts standout this Christmas.

  • Some type of brown wrapping paper
  • Twine
  • Gift Tags
  • Greenery

First thing’s first, get your gift secure in the box of your choice. Once it’s nice and taped up, unfold the wrapping paper and measure how much you’ll need on each side. Make sure to bring the box down towards the end of the paper–just enough to cover that side, and measure the same amount at the top–this reduces waste when you start cutting. 

Once you’ve figured out the amount of paper you need, cut away and start tapping the first side to the box. For a more finished and clean look, I like to fold the side that I cut. That way when I tape it down to the other side, it is a nice smooth line all the way down. 

The ends of the box can sometimes be a tricky part to gift wrapping, and in some cases almost feel impossible to make nice. The method that has never failed to give me a clean look in all of my grift wrap experiences is to first fold down the paper to where the back part lays flat across the box, and the sides naturally start to form a triangular shape. Once the back side has been folded down, take one side and fold it towards the inside of the box so that it lays down like a triangle and the excess paper points out. Repeat this on the other side. 

Once everything has been folded, fold down the tip of the excess paper, and tape it down. This gives a clean finish with dimension.

Now that our present is wrapped, we can finally get to the fun part. DECORATIONS!

In most traditional wrapping, this is the time when you would take out the pre-made ribbon and bows. This year we are switching out the ribbons for some twine. 

First, place the twine underneath the box, and measure the amount that is right for your size box. Once you’ve found it, cut the twine from the spool and wrap it horizontally across the box. Once your twine has wrapped around and met in the middle, wrap the pieces together and then change directions to have the twine wrapping, vertically. 

Once you have gotten your twine to wrap around both horizontally and vertically, tie a knot and then a bow in front. 

The twine makes for a perfect tying base for your gift tag. I personally love the tags that you have to tie, because I love how it looks draped across the gift. I chose these white and gold ones from Target because they added a fun contrast to the tans from the paper and twine.

Once all of the tying of twine and tags has been finished, it’s time to add the finishing touch; greenery. Be still my beating heart. Oh how I love an excuses to add any type of flower or plant into everyday life.

Whether real or fake, a little greenery will get the job done. I went ahead and found this sparse little wreath in the five dollar section of Target and new it was perfect for my gift wrapping. 

Find as big or small a piece that you want, simply cut it, add some tape to it’s stem and then tuck it behind that pretty bow we made with the twine.

This little details adds a fun splash of color, ties in the holiday spirit and just brings your overall gift wrapping abilities to the next level. I can guarantee you, everyone will be all in awe of your gifts!

This was so much fun to prepare and shoot for y’all and I can’t wait to see how beautiful your gifts are this christmas!

Happy holidays!

xx, H 

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