Golden Treasures, Natalie Wood Designs

I have always been someone who has an eye for the details in things. The little attributes that most people don’t take the time to soak in. Whether it be the presentation of food platters when entertaining friends at home, the intricate decorations that make up a home, or the classic touches of jewelry as it is layered on your wrist or neckline, it’s the details that often mater the most.

I am a tad picky when it comes to the jewelry I wear.  Accessories should be accents that bring your overall ensemble together. They shouldn’t fight each other for attention, but complement you. I am a fan of versatile pieces that I can dress-up or even dress-down when lounging around the house. I guess that’s why, when I found the beautiful, intricate treasures of Natalie Wood Designs, I knew I had found a life-long love.

Not only are the designs timeless and capture your eye, but the message behind them made these treasures shine even brighter. Natalie Wood Designs creates jewelry for women who are risk takers, rule breakers, and trend makers; for women who have fire in their soul and grace in their heart. Natalie Wood’s mission is to create beautiful jewelry and to offer a community for women to share, be inspired and grow. Let me be the first to say that Natalie has gone above and beyond that. When you see the designs you fall in love, when you learn the message behind brand you want to be a part.

Wearing these pieces reminds me to pursue my dreams, rewrite the standards and change the game. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a mind full of dreams and a heart full of passion. There is nothing more beautiful than another woman doing something to build up other women. I’m proud to be a Natalie Wood girl. Which pieces will you get to take risks, break rules and make trends?

xx, H

**Thank you Natalie Wood Designs for sponsoring this post**

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