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It is no surprise that I am a coffee (addict) drinker. In fact, I am sipping on a good ole cup of joe as I write this for you all. Now the only down side to being in love with coffee is the fact that it stains your teeth. But thankfully I have the perfect secret on how to keep those pearly whites pearly, all in the comfort of your own home. That’s right, no pesky dental appointments or painful procedures.

 My secret you ask? Smile Brilliant whitening trays made specifically for you and your teeth.

How it works:

– Order the system that works best for you on their site.

– Once you receive your package, make your teeth impressions using their easy, step-by-step impression guide and putty.

– Let the impressions dry over night, put them in the package provided by smile brilliant and mail them back so they can make your custom fitted whitening trays.

– Receive your teeth trays, and then whiten away with the whitening and desensitizing gel provided in your original package! 

Now I know that the whole idea of having to make your own teeth impression can be super intimidating and scary, but take it from the girl who sometimes struggles opening a jar of peanut butter – if I found it easy and didn’t mess it up, you can too.

 Smile Brilliant makes the whole process stress free and enjoyable right from the start, and getting your trays in the mail is like waking up on Christmas morning. Each night before I whiten my teeth, I brush my teeth with just water and then clean/dry my custom-fitted trays. After that I apply a thin steady ribbon of gel along the part of the tray that comes in contact with the front of my teeth. Then I dry my teeth to the best of my ability and put on the trays, and whiten my teeth for 45 minutes.  You only need to whiten your teeth once a day.

If you happen to have sensitive teeth, or if they get sensitive during the whitening process – no need to panic. Smile Brilliant also provides gel that desensitizes your teeth and protects them from any pain, and they recommend doing this immediately after each whitening session. Just follow the same rules as you do for the whitening gel, brush your teeth with toothpaste, put on your trays and wear them for 15-20 minutes. Once you’re done spit out any remaining gel, and don’t rise your mouth following the removing of the trays. You also want to refrain from eating or drinking anything afterwards for 30 minutes förklaring. I find it best to do this right before bed!

I’m telling y’all I have never been happier with a teeth whitening experience in my life, and don’t plan on going back. So throw out those cheap store bought whitening strips, or ultra lights and order your set of Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays now! You can check out my results from my before and after pictures, below! I had fairly white teeth already, but the Smile Brilliant has made my coffee stains disappear, and enhanced the brightness of my smile. Now whitening my teeth is my favorite part of my nightly routine. 

 To help y’all on your whitening journey, Smile Brilliant has worked with me on providing one lucky person a FREE teeth whitening system! #blessed.

Just click on the link below to enter! 


Or order your system today using my 15% off discount code: thebrunettecafe

Here’s to having the best of both worlds with coffee and pearly whites!

xx, H

*Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post*

Home Teeth Whitening

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