The Only Product You Need When Traveling

Over the past two years I have done a lot of traveling. From traveling across the state of Texas (and portions of America) as Miss Texas Outstanding Teen 2016, to lots of college road trips, as well as flights to speak at different events. It seems as if traveling is becoming a part of my regular, which I definitely don’t have a problem with. But let’s be honest, when it comes to traveling that means packing, which often means clothes jam into a suitcase which later means countless moments of ironing out all of those travel-induced wrinkles.

If your schedule is as busy as mine, you’ll probably relate to me when I say, sometimes there’s just not enough time to iron. Thankfully, I have JUST what you need to take away any future traveling and wrinkle stress.

We’ve seen the ads before: different sprays that take out the wrinkles on your clothes. At first it sounds great, but often those brands and sprays are filled with toxic chemicals that end up sticking to your clothes and making your skin irritated and breakout. Yeah, no thanks.

Thankfully, recently I was introduced to a company that shared my desire to take away the pain of ironing, while also creating a product that it is safe for people to use. Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, is all that and more. It is an all natural laundry product that loosens and removes wrinkles, and even makes them smell like fresh linen. All you have to do is spray your article of clothing, smooth away wrinkles, and hang dry for three minutes.

Sounds too easy right? Yet, it’s 100% true and to prove that to you I’ve taken before and after photos of my dress when using the spray!

Goodbye wrinkles, goodbye travel struggles and hello stress-free living! I now use this product all the time; whether I am on a trip, or just staying at home. I promise you, you’re going to want to get a bottle ASAP! And, to make things better: Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, have given me a discount code so you could get your bottle for an even better price! Just click on the link below, find which bottle you want to buy and then use the code BCAFE at checkout!

Happy shopping loves!

xx, H

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