In The Waiting

Waiting = patience, which 99.99% of us hate. It’s like waiting for everyone to wake up Christmas morning, waiting to get that first birthday wish, waiting for the cookies to be done in the oven, or waiting for the awful red light to turn green. Let’s just admit it, waiting and having patience is a skill that most humans lack. Myself included – though I must say, the past year has taught me just how important it is to learn patience in the waiting season. But it can be a war to conquer.

We all know that my faith and relationship with God is number one in my life. It is what keeps me grounded, focused, hopeful, joyful and keeps a level head on my shoulders. But sometimes, no matter how many times He proves to me His faithfulness, I always end up stressing and feeling hopeless in the season of waiting.

I don’t know about y’all but sometimes I feel as if I have to fit my whole life into the span of one week. Get the career built, get the happily ever after, get the college degree, and solve world hunger…you know what I mean. It’s like I forget that life doesn’t just happen in one week, it takes time. The professional athletes didn’t just walk into a game and say, “sup, I’m a professional.” No, it took time, dedication, and most importantly patience.

I feel as if I’m not the only one who has felt the pressure of the false narrative, “I need to have it all figured out and done right now.” It just isn’t possible, nor realistic.

The true narrative: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

God isn’t holding out on you because He doesn’t want the best for you. He’s making you wait, because He DOES want the best for you. Great things, take time.

I recently talked about on my Instagram how in this current season of my life, I feel especially present in the season/war of waiting. The summer before I embark on this brand new journey in Alabama, in a new school, new major, new opportunities, new everything. I emotionally and mentally want to be there right this instant, but it’s not the time yet. I’m not in that season. I’m in the season of waiting.

But take heart, because in this season I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. Just because you’re waiting and having to be patient doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can’t learn now, or something amazing that God wants to show, or do through you. I feel like we have this mindset and idea that to be in a harvest season life has to be sunshine and roses 24/7, and I’ve come to learn in this season of my life; no matter what is going on in your life, the Lord wants to bloom you right where you are planted now. If we’re too focused on the “next,” we’re going to miss out on what he has planned for the “now.”

In order to defeat the war in waiting, we must switch our mindsets to be Heavenly over earthly.

That starts with mindset. This summer I have lived by the saying, “bloom where you are planted.” Even though I am not where I want to be yet, I know that if I allow God to, He can bloom me wherever I am currently. It took me awhile to realize the flower that had burst into bloom, but now when I look back at the past few months of summer I’ve seen the work of the Lord provide in many ways.

From leading a small group, landing an internship, getting to help lead worship, speak at and direct the church camp that I grew up in. It’s been a season of lessons and opportunities, along with growth. In this season of my life, things are happening at the perfect time that God has planned out.

So instead of waisting my time worrying about whether or not I’ll have my dream career, find “the one,” or get a good college degree. I will continue to work hard and lean on the promise that God is orchestrating things in their perfect timing.

What are you waiting for today that has been stealing your peace for far too long? Give it to God, let Him grow your patience and see what all God wants to make happen in THIS season. Life is too short to constantly be waiting for the next season to come. God wants to work in the one you’re in now, the other seasons will come in time. So rejoice and know that He’s got it all under control. He is preparing you, for what He has prepared for you.

Much love,



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