How I Style My Hair

Let’s be honest hair can be a frustrating thing. Especially growing up in the humid Texas heat. I had to quickly learn how to style my hair in a way so it wouldn’t turn into an afro, but still had volume, wouldn’t lose its curl midday, and didn’t turn into a frizzy mess.

My hair has gone through a lot of different phases, from being so long it hit my hips, so short that it barely brushed my collar bone, and my favorite mistake – the bang phase. *shutters* I would like to think now that I have finally (somewhat) mastered how to tame and style this crazy mane of mine, and today I will share how I do so.

You sweet friends of mine ask me all the time how I style my hair, which products I use to get volume, and all the hair type things. So without further ado, here are your the answers to your questions.

First things first, the secret to being able to tame your mane begins with the products you use to wash your hair.

SHAMPOO: Anti-breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo

Like I said,  my hair is naturally extremely curly, coarse, and because of that, frizz is apart of my everyday life. Since this shampoo is infused with Keratin Oil it makes my hair less dull and frizzy and more tamed and shiny, and it adds protein to hair. Plus, I style my hair a lot, so using a product that prevents breakage allows me to style my hair while keeping it long and healthy.

CONDITIONER: Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender

Since my hair tends to be more frizzy and coarse, argan oil is my best friend because argan oil moisturizes your hair which keeps it from being so dry and dull. Lavender also tames frizziness while  promoting hair growth.

After I’m done in the shower, I use my Kérastase Paris Créme Magisrale  to continue to smooth and make my hair silky. Its unique creamy texture provides intense nourishment while providing a thermo protection against heat styling.  I only use about a dime size of the product, and then I just brush it through my hair with my hands.

I spray my hair with the final product, OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek smooth style spray, I use before beginning the style process. I have A LOT of hair and the mixture of the two products speeds blow dry time, smooths out hair and provides high heat thermal protection. I especially make sure to spray the ends of my hair and my roots since those are the most sensitive and important parts of your hair.

FINALLY blow dry my hair and my hair literally turns into a lions mane.

After I get my hair completley dry, I start to section off bits into multiple levels. I section my hair into three levels: bottom, middle and top. I use a hair band to tie up the part of hair I’m not styling into a top knot. Before I begin to curl my hair, I go back in with my Smoothing + Shea Sleek smooth style spray. I spray it onto my brush and then brush out the section of hair I’m about to style. I’m all about adding as much thermal protection to my hair as I can.

After this it’s pretty straight forward. I use my Hot Tool Rainbow curling iron and just begin to curl my hair. I always style it in a way that the curl will flip away from my hair rather than toward my face. I feel as if this technique frames my face much better.

I continue this process until my all of my hair is curled the way I like it. Once I am done, I go in with my OGX renewing + Argan oil of Morocco to add some shine and keep the frizz to a bare minimum. You don’t need to use a lot of this since it is a shine spray. Too much will end up making your hair look greasy. Learned that the hard way.

There you have it! My step-by-step guide to how I style my hair! I definitely recommend all these products because after many years and pageants I have finally found the products that are most affective. If you want a more detailed description and tutorial of my hair just click on the video below!

xx, H

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