5 Things to Prepare your Heart for a Godly Relationship

Ladies, let’s be honest for a second…we all want to be in a successful, happy relationship. Most importantly, to find a successful happy relationship we have to find a God centered relationship. In order to find that we have to let God prepare our hearts for one. We attract what we are ready for and if our hearts aren’t ready the Lord will wait to bring that person into our lives.

Here are a few resources that I’ve been loving that I believe will help you prepare your hearts for whoever the Lord has in store for you.

Reading Tools:

  • Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex & Romance BY: Levi Lusko – This is hands down one of the most powerful and challenging books I have ever read. I strongly believe that every person whether single, in a relationship, or married needs to read this book. It will challenge you, force you to take a look at your heart and your past, but it will also be a  tool to a path of freedom. Something that I specifically love is that even if you haven’t done, or taken part in some of the things that he states in his book, you can still take a lot away from his point. It will make you laugh, cry and prepare you for what God has in store for you and your marriage. Click here to order the book.
  • Loving Your Husband Before You Even Have One BY: Kim Vollendorf – I cannot begin to explain the amount of notes I have taken while reading this book. It is not what I thought it was going to be either. Obviously from the title you would think that she would talk about praying for your husband, etc, etc. But, quite the contrary. The book is focused more on you, your heart, your life, the normal day to day, and of course your personal relationship with God. This is not only an amazing way to prepare your heart for a Godly relationship, but to prepare your heart for life in general. This book can only be found only online. Click here to order it now.
  • 31 Prayers for my future Husband – This is more of a journal than a book. It comes with 31 prayers that cover different topics ranging from your future husband’s family, to health, words, mindset and other things I never even thought about when it comes to praying for my future spouse. The book is written by a husband and a wife, which gives you great insight on what a man needs prayer for throughout his life. The couple provide you with prayers that you can read/pray aloud on the topic of that day and then you are given two pages to write out your own prayer on the topic. This is a tool that you can use even after you’ve gone through it once. (Also, there is a version for wives too, so guys make sure to pick one up as well.) Click here to order it now.

Audio Tools:

  • Jeremy Foster’s “Love, Sex & Dating” podcast series – This is a six part series that covers the topics of love sex and dating. Jeremy is hilarious in the process of covering hard topics and also provides a ton of insight on how we as Christians need to go about the process of love, sex and dating. This has turned into something that I like to go through and listen to once a year because each time I listen I learn something I didn’t catch the first time, plus it reminds me where I need to put my heart and mind through the process of finding a Godly relationship. Click here to find his podcast online and on the Apple Podcast app.
  • The Porch: Can He Love Me? – This is a podcast that both women and men should listen to. Just like when a jeweler goes through the 5 C’s to determine the quality of a diamond, the pastor goes through the 5 C’s that women should go through when determining whether or not a man is husband material. Ladies, if you take the things that he tells you to heart not only will it prepare your heart for a Godly relationship, but it will also protect you from getting involved with guys you shouldn’t get involved with.  Click here to find it on the Apple Podcast app.

God wants the best for us and our future marriages. Let’s prepare our hearts now so He can give us that. If you have any other things that you love when it comes to preparing your heart for a Godly relationship comment below!

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